Kid’s Pouch “Jonathan”

This handmade kid’s pouch with a separate nylon bag inside, carries everything from sport’s and swim gear to your child’s favorite toys, books and snacks. All used materials are SGS certified. 

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Karoline about the design of “Jonathan”:

Seefeeling in child's room

“I have always loved the North Sea – it’s about brisk air, radiant colors, and a wonderful climate! When our son was born we knew he was a little sailor himself. So we decorated his room with boats, seagulls, and a lighthouse closet.

Accordingly we chose colors and the theme for this fabric: bright turquois and teal, sailing ships, anchors, wisps, and lowballs.”

“Jonathan” for sailors at heart longing for the sea.

Additional information

Material kid's pouch

100 % Cotton, SGS tested

Material separate bag

100 % Nylon

Dimensions kid's pouch

approx. 32,5 x 36 cm (with x height)

Dimensions separate bag

approx. 25 x 26 cm (width x height)

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