Kid’s Pouch “Luise”

This handmade kid’s pouch with a separate nylon bag inside, carries everything from sport’s and swim gear to your child’s favorite toys, books and snacks. All used materials are SGS certified. 

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Karoline about the design of “Luise”:


“Luise” was inspired by my little daughter’s love for her toy bunny. Bunny had to come with us everywhere and not bringing bunny would always mean lots of tears. The same was true when bunny had to take a trip to the laundry and then rested on the clothes line. She hardly left his side. Once bunny even had to undergo an operation under a general anesthetic because love bit off half his ear …”

„Luise“  a romantic declaration of love to all cuddly toys – yesterday, today, tomorrow!

Additional information

Material kid's pouch

100 % Cotton, SGS tested

Material separate bag

100 % Nylon

Dimensions kid's pouch

approx. 32,5 x 36 cm (with x height)

Dimensions separate bag

approx. 25 x 26 cm (width x height)

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