Who is “urban ant”?

When leaving the house with a baby or toddler you need to carry some necessities with you – preferably in a cute and handy bag with room for everything you need!

Same goes for your kid! On the way to kindergarten and play dates Urban Ant brings along all that is needed for a fun day!

It carries a lot…

Urban Ant holds more than you might think. It can be used as handbag, messenger bag, fixed on a stroller or shopping cart. Its adaptable straps make it the perfect companion for adults and kids the same!

What makes urban ant such a fun product?

Most importantly: Urban Ant is really cute just to look at. In addition, Urban Ant’s functionalities bring joy to your everyday life!

How do we work?

We work with devotion and joy – with a free spirit the impossible is only a challenge and variety is the spice of life! We love change, we love starting over with each design because so many beautiful options make it hard to pick just one!

Who do we support?

Choosing the right place of production was very hard and took a long time. Luckily we met Sara Singh. Sara has been running her own manufacturing company called “White Swan” in New Delhi for more than 15 years. Most of her team has been with her since she started the company. 

Sara and her team love bags. They love choosing the best materials, produce the hand-made bags with care and before the Urban Ant leaves, Sara inspects each one herself to make sure everything is perfect! The satisfaction they get from manufacturing each Urban Ant will be transferred to you once you welcome it in your home!

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What is special about Urban Ant?

We designed the shape of the bag as well as the printed fabrics ourselves. Each piece is hand-made and there is only a limited number of pieces per design.